Training Details / Information on Training

  • Training duration - 3 Days
  • Boarding and Lodging Facility at “Yashodavana Goat Farm”
  • Limited Seats (only 6-8 Trainees per batch)
  • Information on Income and Expenditure as well Project planning on Goat Farming
  • Lights on myths and failures of Goat Farming
  • Information on critical and sensitive things which should be taken care during breeding, kidding, milking as well land and crop cultivation
  • Reasons for the mortality of animals and proper measurements to avoid the mortality

Complete practical training on the following

  • Available Breeds around the India and selection of the best animals from those breeds
  • Quarantining and acclamation of animals when brought from the different geographic locations to the farm
  • During training trainees can witness delivery and kidding process practically
  • Information on complete cycle of kidding,milking,breeding and mating of animals
  • Continuous kidding plan for 365 days
  • Information on food and medicine along with timing, method and quantity
  • Information on mechanized milking, pasteurisation, paneer making and transporting the milk
  • Use of manure, manure collection and transport
  • Sick animal treatment - trainees can witness at least one sick animal in the farm and participate in the treatment process
  • Information and practical exposure to the 365 day crop cultivation
  • Information on proper Infrastructure for animals shelter, grazing, delivery, kidding, milking, as well warehouse for food and medicine storage

Special Note

  • For trainees it is must to join the workers and administrator and participate in person in all the process of kidding, breeding, milking, sick animal treatment, delivery process, feeding, cultivation etc. . .
  • Training fee is INR 7500/- (Seven Thousand and Five Hundred) only.


Yashodavana Goat Farm,Yedahalli, Nanjungud Taluk Mysore District, Karnataka, India. +91.9620590777 -

Yashodavan Goat Farm