Yashodavana Goat Farm spread across 50 acres of organically maintained agriculture land. Since 2012 with intense research and adapting the natural and scientific approach Yashodavana Goat Farm has come up with the superior quality and healthy breeds, Milk, Cheese and high quality Manure. The growth of breeding animals from 500 to 2000 has given vast experience in Goat farming sector. With proper approach and management (the rule of SIMA) Goat farming is commercially viable and profitable business and it is proved by Yashodavana


Developing the Goat farming as a large, well organised, commercial viable Industry at National level with collective efforts from Agriculture Farmers, Goat Farmers, Business Resources, Market Resources and Public


  • Hygienic and quality production of breeds and products
  • Adapting standard, natural, scientific methods along with the modern technology
  • Providing the Best service to the end users
  • Provide proper practical training
  • Organise Workshops and Seminars on Goat farming practices, trends, Market Analysis etc...
  • Develop the Network among Farmers, Market resources and Goat farming aspirants


Yashodavana Goat Farm,Yedahalli, Nanjungud Taluk Mysore District, Karnataka, India. +91.9620590777 - yashodavana@gmail.com

Yashodavan Goat Farm